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Learn more about how NCTNA protects our members who rely on the federally-funded discounts we secure on their behalf. These discounts can drastically reduce the cost of high-quality, direct-connection, medical-grade broadband– making it affordable and available to healthcare providers who may otherwise not be able to utilize this connectivity due to price-sensitivity.


On the administrative side of healthcare, the word “budget” can evoke stress and anxiety for those involved in the process of planning, managing, and balancing it. Every dollar counts towards your organization’s ability to provide the best patient care possible—which is what makes NCTNA’s cost-effective, discounted broadband such an incredible resource for our members.

NCTNA members enjoy up to 65% discounts on broadband connectivity services byway of funds we secure on provider’s behalf from the Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF). Read more about how our discounts work here .

In the past, NCTNA members were left with long funding approval delays from the HCF program—meaning reimbursements were distributed for applied discounts whenever the funding was finally approved, but members had to pay the full cost for their broadband in the interim. While larger hospital systems and healthcare providers with more financial resources can rely on reimbursements when delays occur, these situations often have a greater impact on our smaller healthcare providers.

In 2019, when NCTNA became a non-profit and established our member-led board of healthcare industry leaders, we began to better identify and anticipate the needs of many different types of healthcare organizations. Delayed funding proved to be a true pain point for some organizations. Thus, the Community Discount Guarantee (CDG) Program was created.



Our Community Discount Guarantee Program (CDG) is similar to an insurance program. Essentially, it is an insurance for eligible and enrolled members that their monthly recurring costs with NCTNA stay the same, regardless of changes or delays in federal broadband funding.


The CDG Program works to protect our enrolled members who need consistent pricing MOST from gaps in discounts on their broadband connectivity service/internet by guaranteeing the discount rate—regardless of funding delays.

The program is set up for our eligible members like an insurance model and is designed to break even over time. However, this “insurance” is guaranteed to pay out if funding is delayed—no matter what.

The program slightly increases overall costs for enrolled members due to the fee, but the monthly recurring cost remains at the discounted rate for enrolled services instead of fluctuating based on the discount status. To put it simply: CDG members’ monthly costs are unaffected by funding changes/delays, ensuring that they can continue providing the best care possible, empowered by NCTNA’s high-quality connectivity, to their patients.


NCTNA members receive an offer to enroll in the program when there may be a delay or temporary gap in discounts, and enrollment is based on each site’s rurality and eligibility type. The CDG Program prioritizes rurality when assessing eligibility, because we understand the implications and challenges that can be presented by the delayed funding for rural providers.


Members enrolled in the program help share the risk of lost and delayed discounts through a low monthly fee as a form of discount insurance. When delayed funding is approved, NCTNA essentially reimburses itself for the coverage of enrolled CDG member discounts. Urban non-profit hospitals, off-site data centers, and off-site admin offices are excluded to keep the monthly fee low for rural sites. If you’re interested in best-in-class, interested in learning more about the CDG Program, or are wondering if your organization is eligible, please contact Jordan Rogers or Angel Vanover (see contact information below).

Is your organization eligible? Talk to one of our staff today!

To enjoy the benefits of NCTNA’s CDG Program, your organization must first become a member of NCTNA and utilize our broadband connectivity services. If you’re interested in learning more about becoming an NCTNA member, you can set up an introductory call by reaching out to Jordan Rogers (contact information below).

 Jordan Rogers
 Director of Relationship Marketing (336) 740-2660

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