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NCTNA leadership

Dedicated, passionate, servant-style leadership is the cornerstone of our endeavors at NCTNA. Our internal leadership team demonstrates a wide range of experience and expertise in the realm of healthcare and local governments. Guided by the board’s directives, we work to serve all existing and potential future subscribers effectively and efficiently. We are driven by our shared vision of a world where all providers and patients enjoy the same quality of connection and care. 

Tracy Olson. Telehealth and healthcare broadband in North Carolina - NCTNA


Chief Executive Officer

Tracy has extensive experience in leadership, program management, business analysis and process improvement with a focus in technology and healthcare. She successfully led the business process changes and technology solutions to prepare the North Carolina Telehealth Network Association team for the substantial growth that occurred in the transition from the Rural Healthcare Pilot Program to the Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) Program. In the first four years of the HCF program, NCTN more than tripled the number of services and reserved over $20M in funding while maintaining a very low administrative overhead.  Tracy also led the transition to the new independent 501c3 corporation, the NC Telehealth Network Association.

John Graham. Telehealth and healthcare broadband in North Carolina - NCTNA


President of NCTNA, President of the Board, Advocacy Program Manager

John recently retired as the Deputy Director and a Senior Investigator at the NC Institute for Public Health, a department in the UNC-CH Gillings School for Global Public Health. John has initiated and coordinated the work of many health-related projects, with many of these pertaining to healthcare digitization and information exchange, including the public health lead for NC’s Regional Extension Center with a focus on Meaningful Use certification, the public health lead for NC’s Health Information Exchange, the principle investigator for the NC School Health Surveillance project, the public health project manager for the Southern Piedmont Beacon Community Health Information Technology Demonstration Project, and as a project coordinator for NC’s FCC Healthcare Connect broadband project known as the North Carolina Telehealth Network Association.


Operations Director

As the Operations Director for NCTNA, Angel provides strategic and logistical support across all activities within the organization.  For over a decade, Angel worked for government and public entities where she gained extensive experience in program development, project management and implementation of various local and state-wide wellness programs.  Over the span of her career, Angel developed a strong sense of passion and devotion to the non-profit sector, which began with her public health work to decrease diabetes throughout NC nearly 16 years ago.  This experience gave her a deep appreciation for the ways in which nonprofits seek to improve quality of life for our state’s residents, and she is able to apply these passions to her work with NCTNA by equipping North Carolina healthcare providers with cost-effective, high-quality broadband services and resources that allow them to best provide care.

JORDAN ROGERS. Telehealth and healthcare broadband in North Carolina - NCTNA


Director of Relationship Marketing

Jordan Rogers is the newest member of the NCTNA team. In her role as the Director of Relationship Marketing, she is charged with developing relationships with existing subscribers and potential new subscribers. She also assists with all of Dr. John Graham’s advocacy efforts with the NC Healthcare Broadband Coalition. Jordan attended Appalachian State University as a first-generation college student. Her work with non-profit organizations began with sea turtle protection projects on the NC coast and from there, she went on to live and work in the Seychelles of Africa where she served as a conservationist, professional diver on coral projects, and a marketing assistant on the island Fregate. Upon returning to the US, she worked with non-profit drug and alcohol rehabilitation in-patient hospitals and eventually served as the marketing director for large surgical groups in South Carolina. The High Point, NC native is now happily back in her home state supporting and empowering healthcare providers through her work with NCTNA.