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NCTNA Member’s Carolina Connection Grant

Introducing the NEW NCTNA Member’s Carolina Connection Grant!

We know that NCTNA’s affordable, best-in-class broadband improves the quality and accessibility of care for the providers we serve. We also know that no two healthcare organizations are the same—meaning budgets and dollars available for connectivity, equipment, technology, consulting, and other special projects can vary greatly.

Our Member’s Carolina Connection Grant Program represents a pathway of support for North Carolina Healthcare Providers, embodying our commitment to connecting and empowering the non-profit and public healthcare providers in NC. Through the grant, NCTNA aims to light the path toward access to care for all by providing essential funds for projects aligned with our mission.

Our focus is to enhance accessibility to high-speed, reliable broadband, ensuring equitable improvements in affordability and access to care for all. By fostering innovation and collaboration, the NCTNA Member’s Carolina Connection Grant Program strives to catalyze positive change within the healthcare landscape of North Carolina, creating a connected and empowered future for providers and the communities they serve.

This is the first year of the grant program, and our initial award amount has been set at $50,000 (with hopes to increase this amount in years to come). You may apply for a portion of the funding amount, or all, depending on the scope/needs of your proposal.


(You may be eligible if one or all of the following applies to your organization.)

Must have broadband service through NCTNA (a signed subscription agreement and membership agreement). It’s OKAY if the service hasn’t started yet
Demonstrate a need at your organization that is related to broadband and patient care Patient care includes supporting functions such as administration. Some examples of what may be covered include but are not limited to: Patient care includes supporting functions such as Consulting Services, Cyber Security Assessments, Technical or IT-related equipment (computers, tablets, etc.), HIPPA Security Audits, Train-the-Trainer Sessions, Administrative Services, Telehealth Assessments, and more.

Here’s the basic information you will need to provide to get started!

Contact info: Name, email address, phone, organization.  

Description of grant request  

  1. Brief description of proposal  
  2. Purpose & key anticipated outcomes  
  3. Individuals or communities served  
  4. Timeline  
  5. Grant amount requested  

Questions for us? 


Interested in learning more about our Member’s Carolina Connect Grant before Applying? Click the button below to schedule a call with a member of our staff. We are happy to answer any questions you may have about the grant or application process. For both members and prospective members of the NC Telehealth Network Association, we are here to help you understand the opportunities available to your organization through our Member’s Carolina Connect Grant.