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Broadband (internet) connectivity isn’t something most health care providers think about—not usually until it becomes a problem. Oftentimes, we fail to realize the central role that broadband plays in patient care. From Electronic Medical and Health Records systems, medical imaging, prescription verification, and telemedicine to patient communication, on-site research, data storage, and day-to-day administrative tasks: broadband is the connection that powers modern healthcare.  This means broadband is vital to the care you provide—no matter how many patients you serve or where you’re located.


Partnership with MCNC and their ever-growing 4000-mile, statewide fiber optic network provides NCTNA subscribers with a direct connection to their facilities’ sites and to those of other NCTNA members. It also provides direct connections to major cloud-based services. This means bandwidth is consistent and as advertised throughout the day and night, and all traffic on subscribers’ circuits is controlled—assuring consistent up and download speeds throughout the day.

Constant monitoring of utilization and speed

NCTNA works with MCNC’s 24/7 Network Operations Center (NOC) and staff to monitor the utilization and speed of broadband for providers around the clock. The NOC is staffed locally in NC by experienced network engineers who respond quickly and effectively. With this constant monitoring and proactive utilization review, we’re able to discover issues, suggest changes, troubleshoot, and make all parties aware before subscribers even notice a problem.

Ensuring access and affordability for all

We are dedicated to serving all of NC’s healthcare community. From high-traffic urban healthcare systems to rural health departments, we believe in the equality of connection. We offset the cost of this caliber and quality of service with funds from the FCC’s Healthcare Connect Fund. Click here to learn more about the HCF. The HCF provides up to a 65% discount on the cost of broadband for eligible providers. As HCF experts and a telehealth consortium, we’re able to navigate the complex HCF program and secure millions of dollars in discounts for subscribers each year. That’s money that can be used for what matters most—patient care.

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We set the standard for broadband quality service, & affordability


services provided in North Carolina


in federally funded discounts secured by NCTNA for subscribers

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We rely solely on dedicated, fiber-optic circuits.

Expert Network Engineers provide YOUR front-line technical support. 

From the mountains of western NC to the coastal Outer Banks, we provide identical, best-in-class connectivity for ALL subscribers–rural community health centers and large health systems alike.

You provide the care, let us provide the connection

We understand and appreciate all that it takes to provide care for North Carolina’s communities day to day.  We also know that choosing a broadband provider has become a mission-critical decision where reliability, responsive technical support, security, service, and affordability all factor into the equation. Healthcare demands the highest standard, and NCTNA goes above and beyond to ensure that what we offer providers goes beyond just broadband. Are you interested in learning more about NCTNA’s network and broadband services? Do you think your organization may qualify for up to 65% discounts from the Healthcare Connect Fund? Our new subscriber process can be broken down into three simple steps:

Determine if you're eligible for discounts

NCTNA will gather information from you about the specific location you’re interested in connecting; the type of organization it is, the purpose/use for the broadband services, and the address/location. The team will navigate the Healthcare Connect Fund requirements and determine if your organization is eligible for the federally funded 65% discounts.

Get a quote from our team

In collaboration with MCNC, NCTNA will tailor a quote for broadband service that best suits your site’s specific needs.

Sit back and enjoy the nctna difference

We’re not like other internet service providers…no really, we mean it. Our leadership consists of an experienced internal management team and a Board of Directors (many of them are NCTNA subscribers) who represent the best interests of North Carolina’s healthcare community. With their guidance and input, we always work to put our subscribers first, We proactively monitor and reduce costs for subscribers whenever possible. We’re here to serve you, so that you can serve your patients.




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Since 2010, we have led the effort to provide high-quality, accessible broadband to North Carolina’s non-profit and public healthcare providers. While we serve some of North Carolina’s largest healthcare providers and systems, we work tirelessly to ensure NC’s smaller, rural providers have access to our services so they, too, can leverage today’s powerful health information technologies. As we grow, our power as a consortium to secure discounts, serve more sites with expanded infrastructure, and participate in advocacy for providers also grows. We’d love to make you the next point on this map as a valued NCTNA subscriber.

Could your organization be the next pin?

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