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Learn more about how NCTNA protects our members who rely on the federally-funded discounts we secure on their behalf. These discounts can drastically reduce the cost of high-quality, direct-connection, medical-grade broadband– making it affordable and available to healthcare providers who may otherwise not be able to utilize this connectivity due to price-sensitivity. HOW NCTNA PROTECTS […]

INTRODUCING The NCTNA Member’s Carolina Connection Grant Program

Lighting the path toward access to care for all… We know that NCTNA’s affordable, best-in-class broadband improves the quality and accessibility of care for the providers we serve. We also know that no two healthcare organizations are the same—meaning budgets and dollars available for connectivity, equipment, technology, consulting, and other special projects can vary greatly. Our Member’s Carolina Connect […]

The Pathway to Connection for Healthcare: Meet NCTNA’s President, Dr. John Graham

From the Direct-Connection Monthly Newsletter. EDITION 1, 2024. Meet our President, Dr. John Graham, and learn how a project to improve health departments’ ability to access Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Systems evolved into a state-wide network of fiber broadband called the NC Telehealth Network Association.  DR. JOHN GRAHAM A VISIONARY LEADER Dr. John Graham is an […]