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NCHBC/NCTNA Awarded Champion Grant Funds for Telehealth in Libraries Pilot in Madison County

July 2024 NCHBC Bulletin OVERVIEW The Digital Champion Grant program in North Carolina has awarded more than $30 million to various entities to expand digital equity across the state. This initiative aims to develop or enhance digital equity programming and address key elements of digital inclusion, such as affordability of high-speed internet, provision of internet-enabled […]


As a member-led non-profit broadband connectivity services provider, we are dedicated to continuing to advocate for the providers we serve AND their patients! Keep reading to learn more about our recent Champion Grant Award and how we plan to use the funds to facilitate access to telehealth in rural libraries. Background on the Champion Grant […]

RELEASE: NCTNA’S Broadband Coalition (NCHBC) Creates Remote Work Opportunities for Individuals With Disabilities

NC TELEHEALTH NETWORK ASSOCIATION’S BROADBAND COALITION CREATES REMOTE WORK INTERNSHIP OPPORTUNITIES FOR INDIVIDUALS WITH DISABILITIES The North Carolina Telehealth Network Association partners with the NCDHHS Division of Employment & Independence for People with Disabilities to further broadband data collection efforts through a unique remote internship opportunity. North Carolina, June 14, 2024 – News release content. […]

2024 Healthcare Connect Fund Update from NCTNA

AN UPDATE ON THE FCC FUND THAT POWERS NCTNA’S EMPOWERING BROADBAND DISCOUNTS! This time of year, NCTNA likes to look back at the Healthcare Connect Fund (HCF) program history to evaluate lessons learned and determine where we are on the spectrum between progress and lack-thereof regarding successfully securing funding for the providers we serve. This helps us prioritize our […]

Affordable Connectivity Program Updates

NCHBC Monthly Bulletin: March 2023 NC Healthcare Broadband Bulletin Overview As we’ve noted in earlier bulletins, the most important barrier to the adoption of telehealth is broadband access, and one of the most important reasons for lack of access is affordability. A key provision in the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act was a $14.2B set […]


Learn more about how NCTNA protects our members who rely on the federally-funded discounts we secure on their behalf. These discounts can drastically reduce the cost of high-quality, direct-connection, medical-grade broadband– making it affordable and available to healthcare providers who may otherwise not be able to utilize this connectivity due to price-sensitivity. HOW NCTNA PROTECTS […]

NCHBC Monthly Bulletin: February 2023

NC Healthcare Broadband Bulletin Background As we begin 2024, this edition of the NC Healthcare Broadband Bulletin catches our readers up on the work of North Carolina’s Division of Broadband and Digital Equity’s over the last year or so.  The Division of Broadband & Digital Equity is charged with expanding the state’s broadband infrastructure to […]

INTRODUCING The NCTNA Member’s Carolina Connection Grant Program

Lighting the path toward access to care for all… We know that NCTNA’s affordable, best-in-class broadband improves the quality and accessibility of care for the providers we serve. We also know that no two healthcare organizations are the same—meaning budgets and dollars available for connectivity, equipment, technology, consulting, and other special projects can vary greatly. Our Member’s Carolina Connect […]

The Pathway to Connection for Healthcare: Meet NCTNA’s President, Dr. John Graham

From the Direct-Connection Monthly Newsletter. EDITION 1, 2024. Meet our President, Dr. John Graham, and learn how a project to improve health departments’ ability to access Electronic Medical Record (EMR) Systems evolved into a state-wide network of fiber broadband called the NC Telehealth Network Association.  DR. JOHN GRAHAM A VISIONARY LEADER Dr. John Graham is an […]

NCHBC Monthly Bulletin: September 2023

Overview In response to a request from the Office of Digital Equity and Literacy, the NC Healthcare Broadband Coalition has completed a focus group assessment of the NC Healthcare -experience with telehealth. The findings show telehealth works, it is well-liked by patients, it is sustainable in the right context, it’s potential is being realized today […]