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RELEASE: NCTNA’S Broadband Coalition (NCHBC) Creates Remote Work Opportunities for Individuals With Disabilities

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The North Carolina Telehealth Network Association partners with the NCDHHS Division of Employment & Independence for People with Disabilities to further broadband data collection efforts through a unique remote internship opportunity.

North Carolina, June 14, 2024 – News release content. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE.

The North Carolina Telehealth Network Association’s (NCTNA) advocacy group, the NC Healthcare Broadband Coalition (NCHBC), is proud to announce a strategic partnership with the NC Department of Health and Human Services’ (NCDHHS) Division of Employment and Independence for People with Disabilities (EIPD).This collaboration aims to further NCHBC’s existing broadband data collection efforts in the healthcare space while also providing paid remote internship opportunities to individuals with disabilities. Data collected during this project will be sent to the NC Department of Information Technology’s (NCDIT) Division of Broadband and Digital Equity to assist with equitable allocation of broadband funding across all 100 counties.  

North Carolina has been awarded $1.5 Billion to improve broadband infrastructure from the Infrastructure & Jobs Investment Act’s Broadband Equity Access and Deployment Program (BEAD). Funds are to be allocated by the state to each county based on existing national broadband maps.NCHBC’s goal is to ensure that all healthcare providers are correctly identified on these maps so that they are positioned to secure and leverage this broadband funding over the next five years. The final challenge process for these maps will happen in four phases, with the first beginning later this year in September.  

The NCHBC and EIPD have joined forces to create access to remote work opportunities for disabled individuals, and to collect data that will be used to help inform national broadband maps. The interns will play a crucial role in outreach efforts, collecting contact data for hundreds of healthcare provider sites, reaching out to appropriate broadband-knowledgeable contacts, and walking them through a brief set of questions that will help determine if their organizations are properly identified. Interns will be compensated for their time through the state’s iLife program. 

“We are eager to take on this new collaborative endeavor with the EIPD interns,” said Jordan Rogers, the Director of Relationship Marketing for the North Carolina Telehealth Network Association and the NCHBC. “This partnership proves that by harnessing the power of broadband connectivity, we can think outside of the ‘box’ to achieve goals that serve our providers and their patients. We can bridge gaps and improve access to healthcare and connectivity, all while empowering individuals with disabilities.” 

The internship program represents a state-wide effort to address systemic barriers to digital inclusion AND healthcare access, ultimately promoting equity and furthering NCTNA’s and NCHBC’s mission to end the digital divide in NC. NCTNA and NCHBC envision a state where everyone has access to connectivity and the highest quality of healthcare regardless of where they live. 


The North Carolina Telehealth Network Association (NCTNA) is a dynamic nonprofit that works to connect and empower North Carolina’s public and non-profit healthcare providers with high-quality, cost-effective fiber broadband. NCTNA’s broadband services are discounted heavily by federal funding secured by NCTNA on behalf of the providers. Our network is based in Research Triangle Park. ( The work of the NC Healthcare Broadband Coalition (NCHBC) is staffed by NCTNA. The NCHBC is an association of representatives from NC’s healthcare and public health organizations and other affiliates. They are dedicated to making high-quality broadband available to NC’s frontline healthcare and public health providers, to their staff, and their patients.  Coalition members recognize that with current and anticipated funding and bipartisan support from the NC Legislature, NC healthcare providers have a unique opportunity to secure high-quality, affordable broadband for their facilities, staff, and patients, eliminating the digital divide once and for all. To do so, frontline NC healthcare providers must be aware of these opportunities and their role in securing these funds, particularly in rural North Carolina. They must also collaborate with other local stakeholders to make sure funders are aware of their communities’ broadband deficits. Overall, this will require a coordinated, statewide effort that the Coalition will undertake on their behalf. (

NCDHHS Division of Employment and Independence for People with Disabilities (EIPD) OVERVIEW

The North Carolina Department of Health and Human Services (NCDHHS) Division of Employment and Independence for People with Disabilities (EIPD) helps people with disabilities achieve their goals for employment and independence. Assistant Secretary for Employment and Inclusion: Chris Egan Director: Kathie B. Smith (

John Graham

Jordan Rogers 
Director of Relationship Marketing NCTNA/NCHBC

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