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Hello! If you’re here on this application page, that means that you’re already a member, or you plan to become a member of the NC Telehealth Network Association and for that we want to immediately thank you for your membership and for all you do for North Carolinians.

Our Member’s Carolina Connection Grant Program represents a pathway of support for North Carolina Healthcare Providers, embodying our commitment to connecting and empowering the non-profit and public healthcare providers in NC. Through the grant, NCTNA aims to light the path toward access to care for all by providing essential funds for projects aligned with our mission.

Our focus is to enhance accessibility to high-speed, reliable broadband, ensuring equitable improvements in affordability and access to care for all. By fostering innovation and collaboration, the NCTNA Member’s Carolina Connection Grant Program strives to catalyze positive change within the healthcare landscape of North Carolina, creating a connected and empowered future for providers and the communities they serve.

This is the first year of the grant program, and our initial award amount has been set at $50,000 (with hopes to increase this amount in years to come). You may apply for a portion of the funding amount, or all, depending on the scope/needs of your proposal.

Please complete the application form below to the best of your abilities. If you have absolutely ANY questions or trouble applying, feel free to reach out to either of the staff members listed below: